Virgo Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF December 11 – 17, 2017

This week you are faced with an intriguing dilemma: How to draw a tighter ring around your inner circle while leaving room for a worthy new friendship to develop. It’s not that you want to be insular, Virgo—just intimate. With the Sun in your family zone until December 21, you’re longing for heart-to-heart connections with people who REALLY know you. This Tuesday, December 12 as retrograde Mercury gets in lockstep with the Sun, put the priority on your oldest, dearest pals. Your shared history is not something that can be duplicated—especially if they knew you in childhood or supported you during a rocky time. Honor your tried-and-true crew early this week. If you’re scattered around the globe, set up a Google Hangout and maybe even get a plan in place to meet at a halfway point for a winter vacation. Check in with your fam: Someone may need a helping hand or a signal boost for an end-of-year project. If you don’t have time to get in the trenches, empower them with resources and share their links on social media.

Alas, with the ego-driven Sun in the mix, a “big personality” could cause some pre-holiday friction near Tuesday. Childish? Yes. But see this for what it is: a desperate cry for attention. Is it a “personality issue” or just a holiday season freakout? Either way, all the logic in the world won’t dial down this narcissistic moment. Choose the path of least resistance. You may need to offer up some praise (in truth, it’s probably a LITTLE bit deserved) and maybe give this person something to reign over like organizing the playlist or preparing side dishes or designing the holiday tablescape.

On Friday, warm-hearted Venus syncs up with Mercury retrograde, making you both sentimental AND ultrasensitive. Since you’ll be feeling nostalgic, scroll through old photos to post and tag on Facebook—or maybe to play as a slideshow during your holiday gatherings later this month. But watch those moods! If you’re feeling exhausted (and honestly, a little resentful) from over-functioning, you could snap on someone you adore. Don’t push yourself to do more when you’re already at full-tilt. Instead, engage your own support squad and start delegating. Many hands make light work! A female family member, or possibly your love interest, could come in for the save.

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On Saturday, el Sol embraces transformative Uranus, inviting you to loosen your boundaries and grant entry visas to deserving new faces. Take the risk to mix things up a bit, planning smaller group hangs with your soul squad, plus one or two fresh recruits. Uranus favors experimentation, including the social variety. It might take a minute for everyone to warm up to each other, so don’t freak out if it isn’t instant love. To break the ice, be the first one to share something personal and from the heart. You’ll set the tone and create a “safe space” for others to do the same. Looking for a “greener” social scene? Activist Uranus may steer you towards groups doing work around climate change or the environmental impact of our everyday lives.

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