Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF December 11 – 17, 2017

T-Minus 192 hours until liberation, Sagittarius. (For the record, that’s eight days.) Next Tuesday, December 19 you will cast off the shackles of taskmaster Saturn, who has been touring your sign since December 23, 2014—and basically putting you through a grueling growth period ever since. “Cosmic boot camp” might be a more apt description. But you know what they say: What doesn’t kill you will always make you stronger. You have to admit that this adult-ing thing is starting to grow on you, isn’t it? As Saturn treks through its final full week in Sagittarius (at least for another 29.5 years) you may feel compelled to make one more ultra-mature decision that is in YOUR best interest. For some Archers, that could mean calling it quits on a plan that is just not yielding a significant return on investment, and probably never will. You’re an eternal optimist, Sagittarius, which can be part of the problem. When you devote yourself to a mission, you are the last to throw in the towel. But this Tuesday, as Mercury retrograde meets up with the self-authorized Sun, you may see the futility of pressing on with a certain goal. Get real with yourself: Are you forcing things, Archer? Instead of fighting a long, uphill battle, what if you tried the path of least resistance? Choosing happiness over struggle IS a sign of success, even if your victory doesn’t come with all the material trappings of your previous goal.

On Friday, it’s romantic Venus mashing up against Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, which could cause a little friction in your closest connections. Have you been “going along to get along” instead of voicing your honest feelings? While this might not be the moment to have a huge discussion about communication styles (wait until Mercury is direct after December 22) get real with yourself about any people-pleasing that’s going down. If vocalizing a dissenting opinion means a relationship will fall apart, well, maybe you should let that happen. After all, what’s the point of keeping people in your life who don’t accept the authentic you? But before you start making up stories about other people, test the waters by chiming in with your honest two cents. They may be FAR more accepting than you’ve given them credit for. PS: It cuts both ways, Archer. Are you allowing people to disagree with you—or just to say no to you—without taking it personally? Do your part to create a safe space for open dialogue with your peeps.

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Honor your autonomous spirit on Saturday, December 16 when the Sagittarius Sun joins forces with independent Uranus. Under this liberating cosmic mashup, you’ll be off on your own journey! And good luck to the person who even tries to talk you out of your plans. Deadlines are deadlines, of course, but if you’ve got ANY wiggle room, put aside those persnickety, detail-oriented tasks and let true, unbridled inspiration guide you. This may take you out of your hometown—possibly out of cell range—but hey, a Sag has got to do what a Sag has got to do. That might be roaming through the shelves at the used bookstore or dropping in for a self-guided meditation in the middle of the day to clear out the cobwebs. Go where the spirit moves you and do what’s needed, from finishing up your holiday shopping to meeting pals for trivia night. Anything creative or romantic should fit the bill perfectly, too, given Uranus’ position in your flamboyant fifth house. But forget about dodging the curious eyes of passersby. Without even trying, your every move will be on display near Saturday. Put your best—if not your most original—foot forward.

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