Pisces Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF December 11 – 17, 2017

Keep your eye on the ball this week, Pisces—and we’re not talking about the one where Cinderella lost her glass slipper because she overdid it on the company-sponsored cups of cheer. A cluster of planets in Sagittarius are pinging through your tenth house of professional honors and success. In fact, this is the final full week of taskmaster Saturn’s three-year journey through Sagittarius! Since December 2014, some Pisces have burned through barrels of midnight oil as you tooled with and restructured your career path. Are there a few last things to polish up before you can take on your giant cosmic connections this week. The first is on Tuesday, where he gets lit by the Sagittarius Sun. Enact those CYA measures, ASAP! This illuminating conjunction will shine a light on all the weak spots in your game plan. If you’re worried about other people seeing this, get ahead of the meltdown by giving an update. Let people know you’re still “in process” so they don’t expect a gleaming, finished product before you’re actually ready. This might be an ideal moment to engage an expert or two for support. Why struggle behind the scenes, Pisces, when reaching out to a pro or a mentor can ease your ascent?

On Friday, it’s amorous, glamorous Venus who tangos with Mercury retrograde at the same degree of Sagittarius. Your #lovegoals might fall out of alignment with your romantic interest’s plans near the weekend. Trying to create consensus—or guilt trip bae into a “compromise”—could give you both heartburn. No matter how hard you try to be diplomatic, your words could come out garbled or insanely fiery. For serenity’s sake, pull back and focus on your separate interests…separately. (Yes, even if that DOES trigger a few abandonment issues.) If they’re the right person for you, they will be back. Single Pisces, be upfront about your long-range plans if you meet any worthy mistletoe material. (Well, as much as any Pisces knows what those really are.) Your transparency will prevent you from wasting time on someone whose life is going in a completely different direction. Beware the compare-and-despair syndrome, too. When you peer through that lens, you’ll always find someone who has “better” than you—and there is no light at the end of THAT tunnel. Surround yourself with people who reflect your magnificence back to you this weekend. And when they give you a compliment, don’t you dare dismiss it, Pisces! A simple “thank you” will do.

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On Saturday, December 16 the confident Sun blends beautifully with genius Uranus in your work and money houses. Not only will this further fuel your ambition tanks, but you’ll be in your innovative element. Because both planets are in fire signs, you may also feel ready to take some uncharacteristically bold risks. Don’t overthink it, Pisces. Trust your keen intuition and pounce when opportunity knocks. With this spontaneous energy afoot, promising prospects could pop up in random places, like a chance encounter with a friend while you’re out doing your holiday shopping. Socialize strategically this weekend: Where are the industry influencers hanging out this weekend and how can you get your name on the guest list? If you’ve been contemplating a career change, this may be the jolt you need to take an exploratory step in that new direction. Stay open! This high-voltage surge can bring unexpected opportunities like a bolt from the blue.

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