Libra Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF December 11 – 17, 2017

Contradictions abound this week, Libra, and you’re on a mission to reconcile them. This Tuesday, as the illuminating Sun beams onto Mercury retrograde in your communication house, you may suddenly get wind of that fact that words and actions aren’t aligning. If so, you have the right to call people into question. The thing is, you want to do so strategically. Timing is everything. If you embarrass people in public, you’ll put them on the defensive and quite possibly cause them to cover up further. Also, is this a matter you should take into your own hands, Libra? If it’s bigger than just a “me and you” thing, better to go through the proper channels, like upper management or another authority, to get the issue resolved. But should the matter be more of a personal one, think through your strategy. If you want to keep the “offending party” in your life, you should treat this situation with kid gloves, at least while Mercury is retrograde through the 22nd. Or wait until AFTER the holidays to have a heart to heart and figure out what’s really going on. Did someone make a promise they failed to keep? (And, ahem, was that “someone” you?) You might give your calendar a once-over and check what you had on the schedule since Mercury turned retro on December 3. There’s a strong chance you blew off an engagement completely by oversight. Make amends quickly—and send a card or flowers if it was a BIG misstep.

On Friday, it’s your ruling planet, amorous Venus, who hooks up with Mercury retrograde. Lover’s quarrels could break out as you look to the weekend—or a complete scheduling snafu. If bae or your BFF are unable to be your plus-one, don’t let the upset feelings derail your fun. Use this as an opportunity to nurture a new friendship—or, since retrogrades are all about reunions, to reconnect with a pal from your past. Single Libras may hear from a date who ghosted near Friday. Does this Tinder(f)ella deserve a second chance? Hear ’em out if you’re still attracted, but let it be known that you won’t be offering a THIRD chance should they go MIA on you again.

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Gel manicure—or maybe some edgy nail art? Whatever, Libra, just pay attention to those digits because this Saturday, December 16 you’ll have people eating out of the palm of your hand. As the weekend begins, the radiant Sun in your social third house gets a charge from electrifying Uranus in your relationship sector. Whether you’re looking to make new friends, win supporters or meet your romantic match, you’ll have them BEFORE hello. Your sign’s natural charisma, on top of this transit’s magnetic power, gives you an almost unfair advantage over the competition. But no need to feel guilty about that. Just don’t waste time casting your pearls before swine—or anyone who is already spoken for. Should any tension arise, defuse it with a well-timed joke. You can afford to take some calculated risks under this “anything goes” starmap—especially if you hedge your bets. Speaking of a love connection, it’ll only take a small amount of effort on your part to light sparks. You’ll be an Olympian in the freestyle dating event, so don’t hold back. Attached? A little spicy banter and sexy foreplay could turn up the heat, especially if you couple it with a change of scenery.

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