Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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WEEK OF December 11 – 17, 2017

There’s strength in numbers this week, Aquarius—as long as you’re joined up with the right team. With a cosmic confab in Sagittarius and your collaborative eleventh house, give your entourage an unflinching review. Do the people you’re bolstering have YOUR back in return? (And do they actually even know what that requires?) For one thing, take-no-prisoners Saturn is wrapping up a three-year tour through this zone next Tuesday. Since December 2014, you’ve seen who your REAL friends are. There has no doubt been some cast member changes, but before you go all Queen of Hearts, you might need to review your own communication style. Being the capable free spirit that you are, people don’t always realize that you NEED something…not until you clue them in. With messenger Mercury backstroking through the communal waters of your eleventh house all week, try a little social experimentation—especially Tuesday when the speedy planet syncs up with the illuminating Sagittarius Sun. Fire off a few requests to people who have leaned on you in 2017. If they can’t return the favor immediately, don’t get upset (hey, it IS the holiday season). What you’re looking for here is responsiveness and a willingness to do what they can. If the reception is radio silence, well, Aquarius, that’s quality information to have, too. Reshuffle the decks and give priority to the people who can “be here (for you) now.”

On Friday, it’s love planet Venus who plays footsie with Mercury retrograde and things could get a little, er, complicated. You may suddenly feel a surge of romantic longing for a person from your past—and if there’s someone in your present, they will pale in comparison to your old flame. Playing with fire feels oh-so-tempting under this signal-jamming transit, but stoking the embers of a toxic dating situation could definitely leave you burned. Our advice: Leave well enough alone! (Even if you ARE a little bored ATM.) If you’re single, make a list of the qualities you miss in your ex, but instead of sending a friendly little text, scan the dating apps for someone who can bring those WITHOUT all the baggage. Attached? Maybe try developing those qualities within yourself. Like attracts like, after all: The traits your ex brought to the table lie within YOU, waiting to be developed. The Venus-Mercury retro mashup is an ideal time for mingling with an old crew. Plan a happy reunion over the weekend and hey, ya never know. A friend from back in the day might turn out to be a great wingperson for your 2018 dating adventures.

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Say what, Aquarius? It’s nearly impossible to censor yourself on Saturday, December 16 when the “no filters” Sagittarius Sun tunes in to a harmonic frequency with your ruler, shock jock Uranus. Speak your truth and let those witty quips fly! With your comedic chops, we wouldn’t be surprised if you launched a viral meme. But DO consider your audience before you unleash. A Sun-Uranus trine, while friendly, can still be a combustible combo if you drop those bon mots in the wrong company. All jokes aside, this trine can fire up your humanitarian spirit and call for a weekend of activism (online or IRL). You, idealistic Aquarius, often play the role of the canary in the coal mine, calling out injustices when others are silently complicit. People may be going low, but stay high and you’ll elevate consciousness for your community. That said, you also want to avoid false positivity or “spiritual bypass,” here. When something angers you, find an objective listener who can help you sound it out. You need to feel the full spectrum of emotions in order to locate YOUR truth. Then, the love and light can emerge from an honest place—and you can be an authentic agent of change.

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