The Best Video Games of 2017, Ranked

If you haven’t yet played these masterpieces, now is the time.

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2017 is quickly coming to a close and the video game lineup for 2018 is rapidly being revealed. Before we set our sights on what’s coming next, let’s look back at the games that topped the charts (and won our geeky hearts) from the past year. 

22. Little Nightmares

This side-scrolling platforming game is dark in more ways than one. First, it preys on childhood fears like we’ve never seen from a video game before. Second, it subjects you to many, many gruesome deaths as you trial and error your way through the game’s many different mechanics. If you’re up for a challenge and don’t mind your character being mangled along the way, Little Nightmares is an absolute must-own game from the past year.

21. Gran Turismo Sport

While Microsoft’s Forza 7 may look absolutely stunning, especially with its 4K+HDR graphics on Xbox One X, the pay-to-play elements that were shoehorned into that game were a major turn off. GT Sport inches its way into the lead this time around, building on a pedigree that the Gran Turismo team has preserved and delivering some of the finest damn racing simulation we’ve ever seen.

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